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I hope that at some point in my lifetime, something extra terrestrial makes contact, and hopefully on friendly terms.

Whenever my husband Craig and myself discuss this, he says there would be panic. I think not because wherever we look, numerous magazines, books, television, Videos or the big screen there is mention of Aliens, Flying Saucers etc.

Could this be the media preparing us for something which may happen in the near future? And if so would suggest that they know something that we don't. It also seems that whiles more and more sightings are being reported, the witnesses are no longer looked on as being nutcases. But what would happen if we were visited? Would all the countries currently fighting each other suddenly stop and discuss the situation? What about religion? How or even would it change? I would like to know your views on this. We have set up a forum for you to place your views and chat about anything extra terrestrial as well as about other subjects based around our weird and wonderful world.

Quite simply, the aim of this site is to give UFO information in an easy to read format, I am tired of treading around web sites created by good intentioned enthusiasts who make the great information they have unreadable by including scientific matter that could only be understood by rocket scientists. So I try to present the information in an easy to understand manner and if I am not succeeding........ then you know how to contact me.



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    In this section you can find articles about UFO's from the first ever UFO sighting to an explanation of what "Close Encounters" mean

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    This section has articles related to Paranormal activity and will evolve to include Weird stuff, Ghosts, Orbs, Monsters and lots more

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    This is the heart of the site, where like minded people meet, with over 300 users all interested in UFO and Paranormal topics, you are sure to have some interesting conversations (We are very friendly, and let you talk about pretty much anything)

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