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How To Attract a UFO

by Andrea Pickles

Interest in the UFO phenomena grows daily and more and more sightings are reported all over the world, but for those people who have not had the luck in such a sighting and wish they had here is a guide on how to attract a UFO (no guarantees that it will work).

1. Go into the middle of a field with a very strong flash light and draw triangles in the sky if you have any success keep flashing it may flash back.

2. Be patient, just staying for an hour or two is no guarantee that a UFO will appear in that time it may take up to a week or so.

3. Don't go by yourself make sure there are a few of you (to lessen the chances of being abducted).

4. If you plan on going on a skywatch don't forget to take a camera, films a video camera if you have one to be able to take pictures or video footage if you are lucky.

5. If you do go by yourself tell people where you are going etc.

6. Make sure you dress up warmly if you don't know how long you are going to be there and make sure you take a hot flask of tea or coffee.

If anyone does have a go and is successful I would be really interested about it so email me at andrea@ufomagazine.co.uk.



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